Musician Custom ear plugs


Custom Musician Earplugs £120

We offer a wide range of custom ear plugs , giving you great protection,  while allowing you to hear ambient sound.

Choose from one of the following filters, to suit your needs for musicians earplugs:

MC 12:  Great for those who are not exposed to loud noise for long periods or for those playing acoustic instruments. Provides SNR 12db.  

MC 15:  Ideal for those attending concerts or nightclubs, protects your hearing, leaving you free to enjoy the music, without the annoyance of buzzing ears at the end of the night!  Provides SNR 15db.  

MC 17:  Designed for vocalists, bass instrument players, DJs and clubbers.  Provides SNR 17db.

MC 19:  Great for people who are exposed to loud noise for long periods, for drummers, bass players, guitarists, DJs, clubbers or concert-goers.  Provides SNR 19db.  

MC 22:  Excellent for studio rehearsals,  performances in enclosed spaces or at gigs.  Provides SNR 22db.  

MC 25:  Perfect for anyone working at concert venues or those who play amplified instruments.  Provides SNR 25db.