Our Story

Who are we?


Mercury Audio is part of the Mercury family.  We have supplied the NHS for over 40 years. During our time with the NHS we were asked to supply hearing protection for patients and staff. Over the last 5 years we have developed our range of custom plugs which now include everything from work place to Motorbikes, Sleeping, Music, and Shooting. 



We have been developing our IEM range to achieve a full range or IEMs to suit all different requirements and budgets.

The Process


We can provide everything from taking an impression of your ear to manufacturing the plugs.  We make all of our IEMs and custom plugs in house.  Starting with your impressions we invest them into gel, we then use medical grade silicone or acrylic to create your plugs. All our plugs are hand shaped and finished to ensure a comfortable fit.   All our technicians have over 20 years experience.